What is in your creamer?

We've created the world’s first and only truly healthy powdered coffee creamer that includes our proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals. Our base is of powdered coconut oil products enhanced with B Vitamins, Calcium and Vitamin D3 and mildly sweetened with monk fruit to enhance the efficacy of the coffee you consume leaving you feeling incredible and nutrient replenished.

Why powder?

Did you know that a brewed cup of coffee is >98% water?  We think coffee has enough water in it. Liquid creamers are mainly made of chemically infused sugar water and they dilute the flavor of your coffee.  As coffee lovers, our goal is to optimize our brew, not water it down.  Our creamer is powdered and it contains no added water, ensuring the natural essence and flavor of your coffee is not compromised. There are other benefits to powder as well; our creamer is easy to store, it does not require refrigeration and it can be taken with you on the go.    

How much do I use?

We recommend using 1 scoop per 8oz of whatever hot beverage you decide. Scale up or down for a taste. 

Can I use it in a cold beverage?

Our product is incredible in both hot and cold beverages. Hot beverages will dissolve the creamer best, however, if you use it in a cold beverage, we recommend using a blender.  Thrive coffee creamer is a great addition to blended coffee drinks, shakes and smoothies!   

Is there a chemical flavor?

Thrive coffee creamer is all natural and contains absolutely zero chemicals. We have spent an incredible amount of time perfecting our proprietary blend to remove any hint of chemical aftertastes.

Other powdered creamers don’t dissolve, does yours?

Our’s does! We recommend that you follow the storage recommendations to avoid any clumping. We also recommend that you use the “slurry” technique where you pour some piping hot coffee into your cup first (~6oz) and stir in your coffee creamer. Once absorbed, go ahead and pour the remaining cup of coffee. Stir and enjoy!

What temperature do I need to store it at?

We recommend that you store our creamers in a dry and dark space (out of the sunlight) such as a pantry at approximately 73-86 degrees Fahrenheit (23-30C). Clumping may result in storage areas that are too cold or too humid.   

What is the shelf life?

This product has a at least a 1-year storage life if sealed and stored away in a dry and dark space (out of the sunlight) such as a pantry at approximately 73-86 degrees Fahrenheit (23-30C). Clumping may result in storage areas that are too cold or too humid.

Once opened, we recommend consuming within 1 year.

Does this product contain any hydrogenated fats or mono and triglycerides (which are a source of trans-fat)?

Absolutely not, all of our products use whole food natural ingredients only. We prioritized the quality of our ingredients to bring you a creamer that does not use any artificial and processed ingredients and only provides the healthiest experience.

Does it come in single serving packets?
Not at this time but stay tuned! Single serve packets are in development and coming soon!

How many servings in a 1lb bag?
You get roughly 37 servings when using the recommended serving size. Our recommended serving size is based upon the reality that most creamer users like a rich creamy and a lightly sweetened. We have plenty of customers who actually use half the recommended serving size and are plenty satisfied.

Does this taste like coconut?
Yes, it has a slight coconut taste, the coffee creamer has a coconut base which makes it incredibly delicious and tasty!

Where is this made?
This product is proudly blended in San Diego, CA.

Is any of this product organic?
Yes, all our coconut products in our proprietary blend are derived from organic coconuts.

How many calories in a serving?

Depending on the flavor you select, calories range between 40-50 calories per serving. Please note that our recommended serving size is based on customer feedback and experience expectations compared to traditional coffee creamers on the market. Our recommended serving size added to 8oz of your favorite beverage will totally satisfy your creamer cravings! Say goodbye to having to use 3 to 4 times the recommended serving size to get even a hint of creaminess.

I tried doing the math based upon the nutritional label, and I can't figure out how you came up with 45 calories. What gives? 

Fantastic question! Those of you who know the standard conversion of macros to calories likely calculated the calorie count at 68.5 calories (e.g. 4.5g of fat * 9 calories = 40.5calories and 7g of carbs * 4 calories = 28calories; total calories of 68.5). In most cases you'd be totally correct, however, sugar alcohols don't follow this standard metric. At Thrive, we use Erythritol in our Monk Fruit, which is considered a sugar alcohol. Don't be concerned, this is a very common sweetener used as it is pretty much harmless for you, ins't sugar (e.g. bleached white powder) and lightly sweetens our creamer with no glycemic index impact. Also, Erythritol ranges in calorie per gram between 0-0.24calories, not the traditional 4calories per gram.

So, based on the above, you have 40.5 calories from fat (4.5g * 9 Calories) and 4.24 calories from carbs (1g of carb * 4calories + .24calories from Sugar Alcohol) getting you roughly 44.74 calories, rounded to 45 calories per serving. 

Is one serving (as recommended on the bag) actually enough creamer for a cup of coffee? Or is it like most creamers that say one serving is enough, but it never is?

Great question! Yes, our recommended serving size is based on customer feedback using 8-10 oz of coffee and experience expectations compared to traditional coffee creamers on the market. Please note that each person will have a different taste preference, so feel free to use more or less based on your taste preference. We believe in being honest in our recommended serving size which is why we recommend the scoop size we did.

Does it need to be refrigerated after opening? How long is it good for after opening?
Our product does not need refrigeration. We recommend consuming within one year of opening.

Does it turn your coffee/tea blonde/light colored?

This really all depends on the amount used, however, our recommended serving size with 8oz of hot beverage of your choice will change the Color of the beverage.

What is your return policy?

It is pretty simple. If you don't like our product(s), just call or email us and tell us why you aren't satisfied. If we can't make you happy, we will BUY IT BACK from you. It is as simple as that. That's right, we have a buy-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied. At Thrive, we strive to satisfy you and will do whatever we can to make you a lifelong customer. Let us prove we care and win you for life!

Is your product Dairy Free and Vegan?


Where to buy?

You can buy right here on our website, Seaside Market in Cardiff, CA and in Leucadia, CA at their Farmers Market.

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